Today it is next impossible to deploy 21st century workforce solutions without the support of quality software solutions.  Some of these software solutions area available as “off the shelf” like CRM tools – but some of them need to be tailored to the exact needs of a particular solution. 

To address this we are developing and deploying three distinct software solutions. 

  • New Job Placement software solution coming out in Q1 2019
  • Skills Based Searching
  • Search for Candidates by skills
  • Individual Skills can be endorsed by employers and Training Programs
  • Invite candidate to apply for your position right through the software.
Apprentice Tracker – Release Date Q3 2019
  • Track training hours and competencies per Employee
  • Supervisor Sign-off of On the Job Training
  • Cross-walked to industry approved competencies 
Digital Credentialing 
  • Competencies defined by Industry Leaders
  • Credentials and related skills searchable in
  • Strategically deployed with industry partners